Sunday, December 24, 2006

PANL (Univeral Display): Holy Flatscreens and Crazy Battery Life Batman!

What is the #1 issue that we all have with all of our portable electronics? Battery Life. It blows. I hate how I'm constantly recharging my phone, MP3 Player, laptop computer... etc... So forget better batteries. How about reducing the energy suck by say... reducing the amount of electricity used by a the LCD displays (The #1 energy drain) of all our devices.

So here's where Universal Display and their killer display technology that significantly reduces the amount of electricity drain with their Phosplorescent Organic Light Emiting Diode technology.


Here are my reasons that you should invest in this comany:
1. Reduces the energy displays use significantly as a result… extended battery life.

a. A PSP that lasts 9 hours instead of 3
b. A powerbook that lasts 10 hours
c. An iPod that lasts 30+ hours
e. How about a shuffle with a display?
d. Check out this Sony MP3 Player using the tech… 50 HOUR LIFE SPAN!!!!

2- Thin is in. Big Flat Screen a ¼ inch thick

3- More Durable

Samsung has licenced it’s tech and is about finished building it production plant for POLEDs for 2007. Rumor also has that the soon to be released Apple iPhone will use the tech as well.

Just sharing the gem.


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