Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It's beginning! Yes sir it is. I looked a while back into Cambridge Display and between that and Universal Display (PANL), PANL was easily the way to go. Cambridge doesn't hold a candle to Universal Displays technology, patent ownership and penetration and just today, it agreed to be bought out by Sumitomo Chemical for $12 a share. They are essentially buying their expertise, not their tech. And look, off to the races. OLED has doubled in one day. Now even tho I don't own it. I have a solid understanding of the Organic LED space and this just means nothing but good news for the industry in general where there were really only 2: The champ, PANL and the distant runnerup OLED. To me, it's just validation that investing in this space is a good bet.

PANL's technology is already showing up in a number of consumer devices that debut earlier in the year. From Samsung Laptops with OLED backlights that double the battery life, to Sony MP3 players that have 50 hours of life to the big mama, Sony OLED TVs that are 3 millimeters (MILLIMETERS!) thick and have 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio that has imagery that's better than life. In comparison, the best offering currently out there besides OLED TV is 14,000 to 1.

According to my calculations, if PANL were to be bought out in a similar fashion that OLED was, it would be a $35 - $40 dollar stock. So yes, today was OLED's day but I patiently await PANL's homecoming. VIVA ORGANIC LED!

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Friday, July 27, 2007


There's a SALE! Everything going for 20% off!

Friday, July 20, 2007

EBAY (eBay Inc): What else does this stock have to do!?

OMFG... You have a stock that has soundly beat estimates two quarters in a row and investors still can't go all in with this stock!? You all understand that the second quarter is easily the toughest for eBay. Not so...

eBay delivered better-than-expected second-quarter results with profits that jumped to 50% (That's two quarters in a row we've beat estimates and brought in 50+%) Revenues climbed 30% to hit $1.83 billion. Adjusted earnings soared 34%, landing on the $0.34 per-share mark. The top- and bottom-line showings clocked in slightly ahead of where Wall Street was perched. The magic number was .32. eBay played the part of Houdini.

I just don't understand what's going on. We're making a killing off the weak dollar meaning International Sales add that much more to the bottomline. G-Pay is calling PayPal Daddy and Skype just keeps on growing. Let's not forget that eBay now has advertising dollars and a sick portfolio of companies that include StubHub, Kijiji and Half.

So listings are lower. That's because eBay raised listing fees to reduce the amount of crap on the site. What!? Are they telling me users love a crappy user experience where they have to sift through thousands of worthless listings? Give it time, eBay has announced that they are updating a ton of features on their site during eBay Live.

My call... HOLD... Hold until this stock hits 58 again. Hold on... hopefully just a little bit longer.