Wednesday, July 16, 2008

V (VISA) part II: Finishing what I started. Lesson learned.

I screwed up a little today and I'm mad at myself for it. Being that the purpose of this blog s to track my notes and my growth, it's important that I publish my mistakes in order to keep myself accountable. I got overly emotional about a sell and short sell and the bottomline is that although I feel that I have done the due diligence in terms of research, I didn't do the last leg of the process and I didn't apply the rules of investment to my buying process.

The result was me losing an additional 100 bucks. Not a big deal and with a little dicipline, it will be made back quickly, but it's the principle that is the matter. I didn't finish the process and as a result, I got emotional and couldn't hang.

So with Visa, the opening day price was 63 and the high range is near 90. And I shorted at 68!!? Pretty stupid. Although Visa should be around 44, the reality is that I'm in the middle ground where I can lose a significant chunk or make a significant chunk. The bottomline is that I didn't have my buying rationale all thought before I made the purchase.

So let's remind ourselves what makes a good investment.
1 - after solid research (check and double check)
2 - with proper safety of investment (dammit)
3 - and with potential of an adequete return (maybe it will hit 200... maybe)

I didn't do my due diligence and I should have been more patient. The bottomline is that I would feel a lot better shorting around 85 and buying around 45. So until one of two scenarios appears, I should sit pretty on the V.