Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inside the Oracle's Eye - What does Buffett See?

Warran just invested in a financial company. Wait, I thought the world is telling us that not the play to make. Especially a company that just got it's application to become a holding bank accepted. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally with WB on this play. I scooped up BAC back at 18 and added to my AXP position at 32. As he says time and time again, "be greedy when others are fearful..." his 5 million dollar play on Goldman Sachs should make that clear to us that the bottom is upon us. To add upon that point, don't forget he just purchased Constellation Energy Group (CEG) before he bought into GS.

So with that. Let's remind ourselves that this is where people put themselves into a position to really profit from the market. Great companies at amazing prices. Money talks and Warran's money speaks even louder. It's a calming message to the markets that "hey, we are at bottom and let's keep our heads, take a look at what's going on and start making some money.

So what have I been buying and watching?

General Electric GE - $23ish (22.16 - 42.15) 52 week high/low
American Express AXP - $31-32ish (31.68 - 63.63)
United Health Group UNH - $23ish (21.20 - 59.46)
Apple AAPL - $120ish (115.44 - 202.96)

Allied Irish Banks AIB - $15ish (14.22 - 53.00)
Humbodlt Wedag KHD - $18ish (18.11 - 45.74)

Constellation Energy Group CEG - $26.5 (13.00 - 107.97)
Goldman Sachs GS - $115 (85.88 - 250.70)
American Express AXP - He recently added to his position
Wells Fargo WFC - He recently added to his position

I'll personally will be looking for an opportunity to get into GS and CEG in the next week. Assuming Mr Market provides me with an opportunity.

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